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My Movement Journey

My Journey with the Movement started at 5.30am on 22/06/16 with an intro to strength and conditioning. Having done a fair bit of training across the gym spectrum in Dunsborough, I thought I’d be pretty well prepared for what was to come- NOPE. That first session made me realise that I had some serious work to do to be able to walk confidently into the gym and keep up. This was the challenge I was looking for- a place where the people around me challenged me, not through any macho bullshit, simply by the amount of hard work that everyone put in. Another awesome element of my first couple of months with The Movement was the very welcoming community of people- I’ll never forget Vanessa and Naomi constantly wanting to have pun battles in the gym in the middle of a workout.

I thought I’d been progressing along pretty well when one of the more pivotal moment of my life to date came out of nowhere- Sat Sept 24th. Some of the members had actually jumped in the car and come up to Busselton to watch and support me in a football grand final, 10 mins in and the most horrific feeling I’ve ever experienced happened. Sitting on the sideline, knee bandaged up, on crutches, silently hoping that it wasn’t serious but knowing deep down that I’d done something pretty serious.

The support from Cal and Shelby started from that moment on- messages of encouragement, messages telling me I’d be able to get back into the gym. I would never have considered seeing anyone else to handle my rehab- these guys simply showed they cared too much. I’m now 8 months down a 12 month recovery period and not once has there ever been a suggestion that I pull back, stop, or change what I do. Everything has been encouragement to push myself, to work hard. I went through some pretty dark times in the months following surgery, exercise is my stress relief mechanism and to go from training 5 days / week, plus surfing and footy to nothing in a heartbeat really pushed me into a pretty deep hole. Cal and Shelbs’s support in getting me back into exercise, specifically programming and setting time aside for me and just understanding that movement and exercise means a lot in my life has been invaluable.

The recovery has been hiccup free (touch wood!) and I’m a couple of months away from feeling comfortable enough to step back into the classes without having to have specific workouts that interrupt the rest of the class put up for me. I know Cal and Shelbs would do it for me in a heartbeat, but part of the community is one of MUTUAL support and I don’t want to slow down anyone else who is on their own journey to wellness. I refuse to let an injury define me and through the work that Cal has put into getting me back I’m confident of re-joining my fellow members and re-engaging with the challenge of keeping up- a challenge that is the attraction that will never go away.

I’d never consider that being a member of a gym would have an impact as profound as the time I’ve spent sweating out in that place- but I think that Cal and Shelby have taken the idea of a place of exercise and turned it into a place of community. They work tirelessly to improve others lives and the impact this has on a community of people is amazing- there is a connected, engaged group of people that would never have met if not for the Movement.

Kind Regards

Luke Pearce I Branch Manager
Busselton & Dunsborough Community Bank® branches of Bendigo Bank